Countries You Should Avoid Going On A Honeymoon

Weddings are beautiful not only because two people in love create a new family but also because it will be followed by a honeymoon soon. No vacation can compare with this incredible time for two people.

During this period, newlyweds get to know each other better and make plans for future life. In a word, they fall in love again. Therefore, the direction where newlyweds go on their first joint vacation is very important.

In the world, there are many places where the honeymoon period will pass unforgettable and beautifully. However, there is an exception to every rule, and this exception is a few countries where you shouldn’t go during this romantic period. prepared the list of some of them.


After the earthquake that happened in 2010, Haiti still can’t recover. Natural disasters constantly occur here, many people are below the poverty line and don’t have a permanent place of residence, and the political situation is unstable.

Nevertheless, the crime rate in this country is gradually decreasing, so we can only hope that it will become popular for tourists someday.

African countries

The countries of Africa are perhaps the worst places that newlyweds can go to enjoy the first joint months. For example, it is Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, etc. In addition to the fact that there nothing to look at, the lack of any service and increased crime are also a big disadvantage.

Also, a newly created couple may face various unknown diseases and impolite local residents. This is not the most pleasant place for the best month of your life.

United Arab Emirates

Unlike the previous point, everything is good with civilization and service in the Emirates, but unbearable heat is a huge disadvantage. According to statistics, the largest number of marriages is in summer. At this time, in the United Arab Emirates, the temperature rises to +50 degrees.

If you still marry in summer, then even the most interesting excursions to the beautiful places of the Emirates will not be able to cover all the disgusting impression of the unbearable heat. Therefore, either change the direction of travel or postpone the wedding to the cold season.


You will probably ask why this beautiful country is on the list of the most undesirable places for a honeymoon? And the whole reason for this lies in its beauty because hundreds of thousands of tourists come here in order to look at the incredible sights and bask in the rays of the gentle sun.

If you don’t want to crowd among curious visitors and wait for hours when the table in the street cafe becomes available, then think again – is it worth going to Spain for a honeymoon?

Middle East countries

Of course, it is impossible to judge all these countries as an unsuccessful place for traveling newlyweds, but some of them are not exactly included in the list of popular ones. For example, countries with a very difficult political situation and intense military action will hardly be attractive for you, so immediately remove from the list Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Yemen, and the neighboring states.

The honeymoon is not the period in which you and your significant other want to worry about safety and look around at every step.


Going to India, you also should take weather conditions into account. Newlyweds should remember that the summer season in India is very unstable. It is about tropical showers that are so heavy.

If you don’t want to spend the entire honeymoon in a hotel, watching what is happening out of the window, then don’t go to India if this is your first vacation together. Choose more romantic places. 

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