How Exam Dumps for Microsoft 70-346 Exam Can Help You Build a Career of Computer Systems Administrator?

Being a Computer Systems Administrator is quite lucrative and beneficial for anyone who would want to have this as a career. This particular individual is tasked with the security and maintenance of the company’s computer network as well as figuring out solutions to various IT problems that can affect it.

At this job position, you will also be responsible for keeping any related software updated. This is why you have to be well trained not only in computer engineering but also in the basics of network management.

From this article, you’ll know what are the requirements to applying to this job role, what benefits it can bring you, and how to increase your chances to get employed in this sphere by earning proper Microsoft Visit Resource Here exams. But now, let’s start with the prerequisites to become a Computer Systems Administrator.

Educational Requirements

Interested parties should have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering to start. These courses will help you in ensuring that your organization’s computer systems function well enough to serve its purpose.

Usually, Computer Systems Administrators deal with the installation and updates required for the network itself and provide network maintenance which is why computer science training and education is imperative. A degree in Computer Systems Management can also be helpful in gaining possible career opportunities in this field.

After this, you would have to undergo additional training to gain certification for the job. This type of credentials comes from various software manufacturers and training centers as well as computer product vendors and companies such as Microsoft.

You can enroll in some courses to train in computer network management and maintenance. Notice, that unless the official courses itself can have a duration of several days (like 5-days coaching by Microsoft), the whole learning process may take a few months of rigorous training.

Basic Skills Needed

Since we’ve mentioned the training by Microsoft, let’s learn some of the specific requirements that you would need to undergo this course as a Computer Systems Administrator. So, you would need to have knowledge about:

  • Implementing and configuring core Windows Server services
  • Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS)
  • Networking services
  • Microsoft Hyper-V

Fortunately, a number of training centers can provide you with proper education regarding computer system management. And don’t forget that all these efforts will yield gorgeous results in your professional life. Let’s find out what they are!

The Economics and Potential Growth

As a Computer Systems Administrator, you can have careers in fields such as transportation, health industries, banks, and other financial institutions, etc. A standard Computer Systems Administrator can earn up to $87k according to the website. This depends on how complicated the assigned network is.

With all these bits of data, we can say that having a career as a Computer Systems Administrator could definitely be a good one especially if you already have the experience, knowledge, and additional training needed for this field. But, nothing great comes without any struggle.

To enhance the chances to become such a specialist, you should consider earning the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 certification which requires the successful passing of three tests: 70-410, 70-346, and 70-412 by code.

In the following sections, we will learn more about the exam 70-346 ‘Administering Windows Server 2012’: what it entails and what kind of questions you will be asked. This will better prepare you for the exam as soon as possible.

Basic Exam Details

Exam 70-346 includes 40-60 questions to be answered in 120 minutes. One can register and take the exam online, not forgetting to pay a $165 fee. Here are some significant sections to expect:

  • Deploy, manage and maintain servers
  • Configure file and print services
  • Configure network services and access
  • Configure network policy server
  • Manage active directory
  • Manage group policy

Notice, that the questions asked at the assessment may not be limited by these themes, that is why you need a comprehensive knowledge of working with Windows Server 2012. So, we recommend you to use all the studying materials you consider helpful and firstly to explore official options.

Dedicated Training by Microsoft

Enrolling in the instructor-led course you will have a dedicated instructor that will teach you more about Windows Server 2012. This session will last for about five days. From here, you will be able to have a choice regarding your mode of instruction: online or in-classroom variant.

This course concentrates on Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS), Remote Access, Network Access Protection, VPNs, Data Security, and update management among others. The whole list of the topics covered you can find on the Microsoft website. Each of the offered 13 sections also comes with sufficient laboratory training.

Once you develop these skills, you will certainly be able to pass the exam without difficulty. Apart from such training, Microsoft also provides the candidates with informational video, books, community forums, and a practice test. The last one is essential for you so as it helps to monitor your level of readiness.

But there is an option to improve your hands-on preparation — you can use exam dumps. With these tools coupled with official training, you will surely become the best Computer Systems Administrator.

Exam Dumps for 70-346: Why Is It Important?

Anyway, receiving all the knowledge and skills may not be enough to build your confidence. This is because the test itself is a challenge as long as candidates can be puzzled with its environment.

The best way to explore the exam infrastructure, see question types and get used to the timing is to utilize exam dumps in your preparation. One of the most reliable providers of braindumps is the website.

At Prepaway you can find free dumps that include questions and answers from past exams provided by the candidates who already faced the test. They are offered in the vce format to be used in the special VCE Player which simulates the real exam situation.

Also, there are paid files that are verified by experts and a set of preparation materials called the Premium Bundle. Choosing this option for your 70-346 exam prep, you’ll pay $39,99 and get:

  • 305 questions and answers
  • Training Course (93 lectures)
  • 537-Page Study Guide


The key-factor of building your career as a Computer Systems Administrator is to be a competitive employee. The MCSA badge in Windows Server 2012 can help you greatly as it adds value to you as a professional.

One of the exams that you are to pass on the way to become MCSA certified is 70-346. To ace it from your first attempt, be well-prepared for it. Learning all the exam requirements and taking a training course alongside using exam dumps can be an advantage.

Stock up on knowledge regarding the topics and practical skills, pass the exam with flying colors and build your career as a Computer Systems Administrator.

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