Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Characters Real Names & Salary

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Characters Real Names

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is an Indian romantic soap opera. The show is first aired on 3 December 2013 on Star Plus channel. The serial is based on Manju Kapoor’s novel “Custody”. Director of the show is Ekta Kapoor and Shobha Kapoor and produced under the banner of Balaji Telefilms.

Divyanka Tripathi, Anita Hassanandani and Karan Patel are in the lead roles. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein recently completed its 1500 episodes. We already shared Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Wiki earlier. In this article, we are sharing the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein characters real names and salary.

Star Plus Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Serial Wiki, Cast, Story & Written Updates

Characters Real Name With Salary

Divyanka Tripathi

Dr. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla – Main role and the story based on her love. Ishitha is Raman’s wife and Pihu, Ruhi and Aditya’s lovely mother.
Salary: 1 Lakhs to 1.2 Lakhs (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Karan Patel 

Raman Kumar Omprakash Bhalla – Main Actor and He is the Ishitha’s lovely Husband and Pihu, Ruhi and Aditya’s lovely father.
Salary: 1.2 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Ruhanika Dhawan 

Pihu Raman Bhalla – She is the Ishitha and Raman’s Daughter. But previously she played Young Ruhi character.
Salary: 30K to 45K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Aditi Bhatia 

Ruhi Raman Bhalla – Shagun and Raman’s Daughter. Adi’s Younger sister and Pihu’s Elder Sister.
Salary: 40K to 50K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Abhishek Verma 

Aditya Raman Bhalla / Aadi – He Is Shagun and Raman elder son and now he is Aliya’s Husband. Ruhi and Pihu Elder Brother.
Salary: 40K to 50K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Krishna Mukherjee

Aliya Aditya Bhalla – Aditya’s Lovely wife and She is mani and Shagun adopted a daughter. Raman and Ishitha’s Daughter-in-law and Pihu and Ruhi’s Sister-in-law.
Salary: 30K to 50K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Ribbhu Mehra

Nikhil – Ruhi’s Love and he is Aliya’s college friend. Pooja’s Ex-Husband and Riya’s Lovely Dad.
Salary: 30K to 40K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Anita Hassanandani

Shagun Abhimanyu Raghav/Sahgun Arora –  She was Raman Ex-wife and Ashok’s Ex-girlfriend. Mihir’s Sister and mani’s wife. Adi and Ruhi’s Mother and Pihu’s surrogate mother. Aliya is her adopted daughter.
Salary: 60K to 70K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Sumeet Sachdev

Abhimanyu Raghav / Mani – Ishitha’s Ex-boyfriend and now Ishitha’s Friend. Shagun’s Husband and Aliya’s adopted father.
Salary: 40K to 55K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Kaushal Kapoor

Omprakash Bhalla – Raman’s and Romi’s father. Ishitha’s father-in-law. Santhoshi’s husband. Aditya, Ruhi and Pihu’s Grandfather.
Salary: 45K to 60K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Shahnaz Rizwan

Santoshi Omprakash Bhalla / Toshi
She is Raman’s mother. Ishitha’s mother-in-law. Aditya, Ruhi, And Pihu’s Grandmother. Bhalla’s wife.
Salary: 45K to 55K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Abhay Bhargava

Vishwanathan Iyer – He is Ishitha’s Father. Madhavi’s husband. Aditya, Ruhi, and Pihu’s grandfather.
Salary: 40K to 55K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Neena Kulkarni

Madhavi Vishwanathan Iyer – She is Ishitha’s mother. Vishwanathan’s wife. Aditya, Ruhi, and Pihu’s grandmother.
Salary: 40K to 50K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Aly Goni

Romesh Omprakash Bhalla / Romi – He is Santoshi and Omprakash’s son. Raman, Simron, Rinky’s brother. Mihika’s husband and Sarika’s ex-husband.
Salary: 45K to 55K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Avantika Hundal

Mihika Romesh Bhalla – Mihika is Ishitha’s sister and Romi’s wife. Pihu, Ruhi, and Aditya’s Aunt.
Salary: 30K to 45K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Kavya Ramnani

Ananya Parmeet Khurana – She is Ruhi’s Cousin Sister and Simmi and Param’s Daughter
Salary: 20K to 30K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Shireen Mirza

Simran Omprakash Bhalla / Simmi – She is Raman’s sister. Ananya’s mother. Parameet’s husband.
Salary: 35K to 45K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Anurag Sharma

Parmeet Khurana / Param – He is Simmi’s husband and Ananya’s father.
Salary: 35K to 40K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Sangram Singh

Ashok Khanna – He is the person who Raman bhalla’s enemy. Shagun’s Ex-boyfriend.
Salary: 35K to 45K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Pankaj Bhatia

Bala Chandran – He is Kiran’s husband and Shravan & kshitija’s father. Vanditha’s Ex-husband. Ishitha’s brother-in-law.
Salary: 35K to 45K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Mihir Arora

Shravan Bala Chandran – He is Bala and Vanditha’s son and Kshitija’s brother.
Salary: 25K to 30K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Neeru Agarwal

Neelu – She is Bhalla’s maid.
Salary: 30K to 35K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Drishti Hemdev

Riya – She is Nikhil and pooja’s daughter.
Salary: 15K to 25K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Hritu Dudani

Pooja – She is Nikhil’s ex-wife and Riya’s mom.
Salary: 25K to 30K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Raj Singh Arora

Mihir Arora – Mihir is Shagun’s brother. Mihika’s ex-lover. He was Rinky’s husband.
Salary: 30K to 40K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Vivek Dahiya

A.C.P Abhishek Singh – He is Sarika’s brother and Policeman in the yeh hai mohabbatein.
Salary: 35K to 40K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Sweety Walia

Pammi Mehra – She is sntoshi’s friend.
Salary: 20K to 25K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Vineett Kumar

Suraj Kumar Khanna – He is Ashok Khanna’s brother.
Salary: 25K to 30K (Indian Rupee) Per Day

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Characters Real Names With Photos

Character Name Raman Kumar Omprakash Bhalla
Real Name Karan Patel
Character Name Dr. Ishita Raman Kumar Bhalla
Real Name Divyanka Tripathi
Character Name Ruhi Raman Kumar Bhalla
Real Name Ruhanika Dhawan
Character Name Shagun Arora
Real Name Anita Hassanandani
Character Name Aditya Raman Kumar Bhalla
Real Name Gautam Ahuja
Character Name ACP Abhishek Singh
Real Name Vivek Dahiya
Character Name Mihika Iyer
Real Name Mihika Verma
Character Name Mihir Arora
Real Name Raj Singh Arora
Character Name Ashok Khanna
Real Name Sangram Singh
Character Name Simran Omprakash Bhalla
Real Name Shireen Mirza
Character Name Sarika Romi Bhalla
Real Name Sarika Dhillon
Character Name Omprakash Bhalla
Real Name Kaushal Kapoor
Character Name Santoshi Kaur Omprakash Bhalla
Real Name Shahnaz Rizwan
Character Name Vishwanathan Iyer
Real Name Abhay Bhargava
Character Name Madhavi Vishwanathan Iyer
Real Name Neena Kulkarni
Character Name Bala Chandran
Real Name Pankaj Bhatia
Character Name Vandita Bala Chandran
Real Name Shruti Bapna
Character Name Shravan Bala Chandran
Real Name Bhavesh Jaiswal

these are the Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Characters Real Names & Salary. Keep checking our blog for more updates and do not forget to share it with your friends.

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