How to Choose Lingerie for Your Body Type: Top Tips

Correctly chosen harness lingerie helps a woman feel more confident and attractive. Body type plays a considerable role in the selection of the lingerie harness in MarieMur. The article will suggest to you how to get leather lingerie including a choker set, leather garter for women’s legs according to your body type.

Flawlessly chosen lingerie by body type will give its owner more confidence, grace, and in turn, will emphasize a full long feminine silhouette.

Let’s look at the types of figures and decide which underwear will be better for each separately.

Shape Type: Pear or Triangle

Women with this figure have narrow shoulders but wide hips, so you should choose a push-up harness bra and leg garters. Due to the foam cups, it will give you more volume in the upper part. To achieve proportionality of the figure, Marie Mur recommends choosing panties with a slimming effect. In this case, the hips and abdomen will have the best shape. If you focus on the color scheme of the leather lingerie, it is better to prefer the lighter top and darker bottom.

Shape Type: Overturned Triangle

Ladies with such a figure have less expressive hips and broad shoulders. It would be best if you chose a bra with a soft cup shape to even out the figure, without various inserts and rough lace. Pay special attention to the straps. If they are located closer to the center of the collarbone, then the effect of narrower shoulders will be visually created. You can choose any panties.

Shape Type: Hourglass

The female figure with rounded hips, a narrow waist, and a medium chest size. Any sets of womens leather lingerie are suitable for such a figure. Everything will look beautiful and harmonious. You can experiment with patterns, embroidery, corsets, and bodysuits.

Shape Type: Rectangle

The owners of such a figure should pay attention to panties with a high rise and various decorative designs. This is necessary to shift the emphasis from the waist. Choose bras with foam inserts to add a little volume. A corset or a shaping body is also perfect.

Color Spectrum

Most often we wear white and black underwear – this is a classic. Beige shades are suitable for any clothing so as not to attract attention. But if you attract the attention, concentrate your attention on red and burgundy shades, as this color symbolizes passion.
Do not forget that:
⦁ Large breasts require good support. An excellent option would be models from with closed cups and durable shoulder straps, as well as a bra back.
⦁ For the most common second breast size, a balconette bra is well suited. Such a model will slightly add volume and make the breast shape more appetizing.
⦁ Girls in sizes 0 and 1 should wear a push-up bra. It will add the missing volume, although the chest will be constantly squeezed at the sides. Such underwear cannot be worn every day.

We wish you a pleasant and correct shopping!

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