Dennis rodman Biography, Age, Height, Family, Wife & Net Worth

Dennis Rodman is a former American basketball player. He was also known as ‘The Worm’ (his nickname) was born on 13th May 1961. He was very famous for his defense techniques and rebounding skills in the basketball game.

Dennis rodman Biography, Age, Height, Family, Girlfriend & Net Worth

After being a basketballer, he is now an unofficial US peace ambassador to North America. He also got recognition as an actor from his appearances in tv shows.


He already has a career span of more than 20 years, and he has played with the teams like- ‘Detroit Pistons,’ ‘Chicago Bulls,’ ‘Los Angeles Lakers,  ‘San Antonio Spurs,’ and ‘Dallas Mavericks.’

Many notable awards rewarded him, like winning five championships of the seven consecutive years he led the NBA in rebounds. All the Basketball fans and his followers regard him as the “best rebounding forward in NBA history.”

Rodman also tried wrestling and acting. He made some appearances in the WCW (World Championship Wrestling) as a part of the wrestling, he won the tournament named ‘Celebrity Championship Wrestling.’ 

He also once started his television talk show named ‘The Rodman World Tour,’ where he showed his remarkable interviewing style. 


Dennis Rodman was born on 13th May 1961 in Trenton, New Jersey. Still, he was grown up in Dallas with his family and two sisters .when he was young, he was a very skinny child and a clumsy person, 

When asked about their previous life and the new one, he said- “It was like I had a new body that knew how to do all this shit the old one didn’t.” He won a basketball scholarship to Southeastern Oklahoma University in 1983 when a junior college recruited him. and when rodman was in his mid-twenties, the ‘The Worm’ made it to the NBA and then he took his action towards success.


He was born in Trenton, New Jersey, to his parents, Shirley, his mother, and philander rodman jr, his father. He started dating Annie Bakes in 1987 and had a daughter named Alexis Caitlyn in 1988, and then they got married in September 1992. but divorced each other just after 82 days of marriage.

But lately, Rodman got rumored with a model, Carmen Electra, his girlfriend.


He is tall with 6feet and’5 inches and a dark complexion with face piercings and usually appears with his sunglasses.


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